3 Ways to Minimize Allergies Around You


The changing of seasons brought a misery to allergy sufferers. While most look forward to the blooms and color of spring, those with allergies welcome it with a heavy heart. Itchy eyes, runny nose, frequent sneezing are among the common symptoms that brings so much misery.


At home, our prevention includes


Guard your face with facial mask when you go out or doing dusty jobs whether at home or not.


Wearing eyeglass made specially for allergies is another kind of help that prevents those allergens to go inside your eyes. It protects your eyes and a barrier for sudden rubbing when becomes itchy.

Eye Drops

Over the counter eye drops provides relief when itchiness creeps in. Wash your face first and apply it right through. It is even more effective when refrigerated.

Houzz Contributor Laura Gaskil has shared her views on how to prevent or reduce allergens for those with severe allergies. You can also check it out!

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