My PAL ( Philippine Airlines ) Flight story

My latest fly with PAL was just days ago and I want to commend them for the service given, whether it was genuine or just to boost their ratings is well, none of my business. Anyway, here is the story.

Flight attendants were busy doing their rounds and asking each and everyone what kind of meal we ( passengers ) want. There were two choices, Japanese and Filipino which I chose,
( since my trip was brief, I haven’t had the luxury of indulging my Filipino craved foods which was sad. ) And I was so glad that they were serving them on air! So, of course I chose, the inasal. After maybe five minutes, the attendant came again with a very apologetic face saying that there were no more left! I caught myself smirking (forgive me, I just want to eat inasal and my excitement was turned sour.) And so, I don’t have no choice but the Japanese menu, so I nodly resigned. “Okay, there is no other choice, then bring it to me”, told them with the dissatisfied tone. I was half consuming my food when the same guy approached me holding something and saying ” This is the crew’s food maam, we can give it to you if you want, we will eat our meal, once the plane landed, so you can take this instead, since you want this one! ” I refused and told him “No, anyway I am almost done though”. But he insisted that it is just okay, and it is also okay to receive two meals! Really? Well, what can I say, seems like he won’t take no for an answer and umm I also want the food! ( a food lover here tho you won’t notice it looking at my built hehe )
And so I divulge and enjoyed two meals on air! My first time! And yes, I was
impressed by the attendants service or thoughtfulness to satisfy their customers! It is like not A PAL thingy! ( sorry guys ) but yes, you earned my respect with that, and I love the thing you do, keep it up! Thank you!

Pal flight

my two meals courtesy of PAL

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