How To Take Away Gadgets From Your Child

Gone are the days our children want to go out and interact with their friends. Today’s kids having games with their Ipads, gadgets and spending time, too much at home, in their room. Hardly going out to experience nature, go around, or spend time outdoors. The practice of having more time playing with these digital screens can cause trouble in your child’s health. Over time, it can cause myopia or nearsightedness. Immediate effects can be observed and since long-term effects are unknown, it could be much worse.

Parents who care about their child’s wellbeing and wishes to avoid the adverse effects of their child’s gadget addiction must exercise cautions and must have ruled on its usage.

Ways to take your child’s attention away

1. Set a time limit. Make it a habit to check their time and make them fulfill and be responsible. Don’t allow lapses.

2. Make them read. Visit the library, or read stories together.

3. Play with them at the park. Make them interact more with people, it will boost their social skills and at the same time, forget the gadgets.

4. Talk with them. Have an activity that can arouse their interest. Coloring books, crafts or sports.

5. Make sure they get enough sleep.

6. When using gadgets, make sure there is enough light and never make them sit too close to the screen.

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