5 Steps On How To Authenticate Your Japanese Issued Documents

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Documents needed asap!

This message was sent from my counsel at home and the urgency was there. Okay, so I have to attend to this and share here with you if you happen to be in the same boat.

Getting documents in Japan is well, tough (considering the places where these documents are to be authenticated), and needs ample time to prepare. If you are in Japan and having hard time or there is nobody to ask where to start, well, this is for you.

Starting with the document issued from your office, you have to authenticate all of that before you can use or send it to your home country.


1.) Go to your Japanese Office to get the desired certificate you need. (Certificate of Employment, Certificate of Income Tax Return, Family Register etc.)

2.) Bring the document to your nearest Notary Public (koshonin yakuba) to have it notarized. Google or go to your City Hall to know where is nearest to you. (Offices differ, other accepts walk ins, mostly it is in reservation basis.)

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3.) Bring the notarized document to Legal Affairs Bureau (Homukyoku) to be stamped (again, google or ask your City Hall where).

4. After Homukyoku, bring it next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (mine is at Osaka). Fee is around 3000 yen.

5.) Last will be your Embassy/Consulate. Submit and wait for 2-3 days or they will send it to you, just provide a letterpack (can be bought in a convenience store if postal ain’t there) with your returning address.

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