Preparing Japanese Udon

Here is this so easy to do Japanese dinner that you can make in just 5 minutes! Udon! Autumn makes us crave for hot soup and this is a recommendation for busy moms out there!

You can find this package anywhere in the country’s Max Valu or Aeon stores. Would not cost you a fortune and a delicious treat for your family’s dinner time!


Udon set
1 egg (per person)

Japanese udon

1.) Open the package and separate it’s contents in a plate.

separate udon noodles and it’s contents in a plate

2.) Open the sauce and put it in the noodles with water and boil (be sure to not fill it, so as not to spill when the water boils)

3.) Put the remaining ingredients except the spice and tenkasu (the white flour pack)

4.) Boil for 1 minute and put the egg, boil again for 2 minutes more, put tenkasu and spice and serve hot!

The finished product!

Serve hot

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