Why Sisters Are The Best Bestfriends

Who else agrees with me?

There is that moment in our lives that we are so busy living our lives, attending to our jobs and making new friends that we often forgot the importance of having our siblings and having time with them is also.. necessary.

Having a constant communication and a thing to hold when you need someone to hear you, a shoulder to cry, or someone who listens to you when times get rough, sisters can! Friends also of course, but nothing compares the moment of interaction between you two, (sister/siblings), just careful not to cross the bridge of too much talking or a fight is inevitable! Maybe this is the special connection between you, the feelings of “She will understand me, she is my sister thing”.

No Pretensions

Sisters can be themselves, no pretensions! Unlike friends, we can say anything that comes to mind. And because you know each other too well, you are not that careful of “bumping” each other and can say anything bluntly and laugh it out after. You are blood related and that is the advantage, somehow you are similar in traits.

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Your Fashion My Fashion

I remember when we were young, we borrowed each other’s wardrobe, though sometimes it was the cause of the conflict, it still was a plus! You don’t have to think twice because you trust her style. A fashion eye and shared, wardrobe all in one!

Count on Me I’ll Be There

When troubles come, the first to come in mind is, get help from family! Especially sisters, being the confidante and the “rescue” you expect is there. Of course, there maybe differences but discussion can be done in an open and subtle way. Adds to that, the “fuss” isn’t pass around, you can be sure and comfortable of that fact! Your secret is her secret!

What else can you add? Share yours below!

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