How To Start The Year Right

Starting 2018 The Right Way

Everyone might ask how to start the year right?

We all know how time flies so fast and before we knew it, another year has just begun. And just as we recollect those resolutions from the previous year, or have we accomplished any or some of them, another year then begins! When somebody asks me how was the other year treated me, I would probably say, it was awesome! And I hope it does on you too! And hoping that this year will bring more “lilys” (good memories) and “honeys and butter” (more wealth ahem! and health) than the other year. Just so grateful for everything I have right now and the things I have learned along the way.

For the first post, I want to share how we can start (my idea actually) and be productive! Start your first month by planning, if you can, buy a journal for you to jot it all down!

Start an investment plan

Thinking to have an investment is a great way to grow your portfolio. Think of a business or something that will add to your present source of income. Make it in accordance with what skills do you have for you not to experience a “burnout”, doing what you love and make income out of it. Create a balance between assets and liabilities and be sure to add something that will fill in not out of your pockets. If you are in the Philippines and consider investing in real estate, can make some suggestions for you, just hit me a message here.

how to start the year right

Start Donating

Giving away your extra clothes or things (even money) that you don’t use anymore to those who need is the kindest thing and can bring you more good things in return! Other than the nice feeling of you having helped someone, the karma is one hundred times great for you. So start thinking or considering donating!


Allow few minutes a day for a short work out or a short walk outside, this can boost your self-esteem and releases stress at the same time, good for your health! Before going to work, this way you can start your day actively!


And of course, travel! Whether it is in the nearby town or city, just go! Your days on earth is so limited that you have to at least see the other side other than your everyday surroundings! Other than it is very fulfilling, you can get yourself charged with another kind of enthusiasm. And rewarding and treating yourself for being hardworking is never bad!

So that’s it! Again, happy 2018 everyone!

’til next post..



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